Core Capabilities

Program Management – Sagittae Solutions provides program management support to large-scale Federal projects. We provide extensive support to our clients with time management, risk management, cost monitoring, communications, and quality assessments. Sagittae Solutions follows Project Management Institute ® standards. Through our program management oversight support, our clients have seen improvements in timeliness of project execution, early awareness of project risks and mitigations and increased collaboration/communication with stakeholders.

With many Federal agencies having the requirement to executive Federal mandated requirements with minimal staff, Sagittae Solutions can provide resources to support your program management needs.

Financial Management Systems – We have experience in implementations, upgrades and operations and maintenance with Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software packages such as Oracle Federal Financials and PeopleSoft.

As many customers are looking to improve their systems, we are here to assist in the technical and functional aspects of COTS packages implementations, upgrades and operations, and maintenance. We understand, the maintenance of a COTS financial management system bears a huge investment for our clients, so we have helped our customers make key decisions regarding upgrades and/or enhancements while keeping in mind cost efficiency and cost benefits.

Federal Financial Management – We have a broad range of federal financial management skills including, but not limited to, Federal accounting, accounting operations, budgeting, financial statements and financial reporting.

We have a deep understanding of OMB Circular A-123, Management’s Responsibility for Internal Control. Sagittae Solutions takes provide in collaborating with our clients with detection and mitigation of internal control issues to minimize waste, fraud and abuse.

Business Process Improvement – With the increase in transparency and the challenge of decreased fiscal resources, Sagittae Solutions provides its customers effective solutions to existing stove-pipe business processes and systems. We develop innovative solutions that assist our customers in increasing efficiency while fulfilling its core critical missions.

  • Strong Program and Financial Management Practitioners. Practitioners who are key in providing program management support to a cabinet-level agency during the early stages of transition to a new Shared Service Provider and Software as a Service (SaaS) analysis.
  • Teaming Partners. Extensive relationships with large and small businesses for effective teaming partners that best meet our client’s needs.
U.S. Department of Labor. Program management, financial management and operations/maintenance systems support.
U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration. Grants management system implementation support and validation testing.
Howard University. Procurement assessment and industry benchmarking. clipboard